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Naturally, we do not wish to miss the opportunity to ensure the highest amount of discretion and anonymity. Therefore, every customer receives a randomly generated number on his/her invoice after a purchase or sale.

This number is NOT linked to the respective invoice or even the name. It merely tells us whether you have sold or purchased something within the past four weeks or not. Furthermore, every number can only be distributed once.

This ensures full anonymity on one hand and on the other that the ratings belong to “real” purchases or sales from the past four weeks. Thus, fake and/or double ratings can be prevented.

To dispatch your rating you do not have to either log yourself into the online shop, or reveal any kind of personal data e.g. e-mail address. You simply have to navigate to the subpage Ratings on our website and type in the number from your invoice.

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* Your overall impression of our offer: award 1 to 5 stars.
* Description box: Your experiences with Edelmetalle direkt, comments on what you liked, what you would wish for and what we could improve. Generally, everything that has to do with our services, our online shop and our offer.

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* insults or abuse in any shape or form
* legally problematic posts
* advertisements, links, call ups or political statements.

In that sense, we reserve the right to publish your rating partly or not at all. However, should the rating fit the rules, it should be published within two working days and readable for every customer on our website.

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Naturally, we must and wish to abide current laws. Because, we are legally responsible for everything you post on our website, an administrator checks the incoming ratings. If they are in line with current laws and our “netiquette”, they are made public. You may find more information about the “netiquette” here.